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Graphics for you to print.

To print these, use your own word processing program to create the suggested signs or print from your browser. Use the "Landscape" orientation in "printer page setup" to print the large ones.

Use your printer to produce these on plain white paper or self-adhesive labels. Cut to size and mount with wheat-paste, (flour and water), or spray adhesive if necessary. To prevent unwanted removal, mount on a nonporous surface that you have cleaned with alcohol wipes or at the very least a rag to remove dust.

Assure durability of your graphics on exterior surfaces by covering them with strips of wide clear tape, then cut a series of diagonal lines crossing in an "x" shape with a sharp knife across the face of the poster. The closer together the cuts, the more difficult it is to remove the poster except one tiny diamond-shaped piece at a time.

To post, apply wheat paste or spray glue onto the back of the sheet, then walk up to the site and mount it. This is less obvious to potential witnesses and gives the glue a chance to get tacky before mounting. (DON'T BREATHE THE SPRAY GLUE MIST: IT'S TOXIC).

Some people may see this suggestion as encouraging vandalism or graffiti. Ask yourself, then, just what IS the difference to you, the VIEWER, between graffitti and public-place advertising?

If you have moral qualms about this, how about mounting your signs on top of advertising media like billboards or posters?.

What we propose is merely an extension of advertising, which is sanctioned and approved by every community that allows billboards and commercial graphics, often now in taxpayer funded places, such as in and on bus vehicles, benches, "kiosks", public information racks, street banners with corporate logos etc... Is there really any difference between advertising and grafitti? Private property? Both express freedom of expression and speech, both intrude onto the public view shed, both are designed to be read.

You're thinking of making one tiny contribution to the sea of outdoor graphics that cover public surfaces in America. You're not doing it to make money, sell harmful chemicals like nicotine or alcohol and what you put up will add spice and variety, expressing some of the true sentiments of the public (you). If you still think that what we propose is vandalism or grafitti, well then don't do it. But if you don't then go to work to eliminate advertising in public places, you are a hypocrite.

CAUTION:These graphics can educate, amuse and help people identify with your beliefs. They may also outrage some people. It's a good idea to temporarily remove them from your car as described below when it's parked on the street.

To create instantly removable graphics for the inside of your left rear car window, the one you don't have to keep clear by law, mount the poster with spray adhesive on a piece of foam-core board or plain cardboard, (A scrap piece from behind a frame store of course) Mount the sign at the corner of the car window using the top of the door as a base and up against the door frame, or attach the top of the board with tape to the inside top of the door and let it hang down for display, then swing it up and out of sight against the car roof using a device of your choice to hold it there while parked.


download 300 dpi (10.5 X 6.89 inches. 293.5K)

download 300 dpi (10.5 X 4.50 inches. 46.9K)

download 300 dpi (10.5 X 3.45 inches. 49.8K)

download 300 dpi (10.5X 3.33 inches. K)

download 300 dpi (10.03X 8.00 inches. 106K)

download 300 dpi (10.00X 8.00 inches. K)

Pro_Sports_Distract download 300 dpi (10.5X 7.40 inches. 89.5K)

We'd like to hear about your experiences with these or suggestions for other short and simple slogans like the above.


The POSTER NATION campaign is a program of grassroots action aimed at making the goal of a Fairer Economy a major factor in the American consciousness and in future elections.

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