1. Cleanse your face every night - no matter how tired you are. Doesn't matter what method you choose, just be sure you do something. If you tend to be lazy about this, check out new cleansing waters that do the job with the swipe of a cotton ball-no real water required. For eye makeup, try premoistened pads.

2. Smooth your brow lightly with fingertips several times a day. This technique helps keep stress-a major skin enemy-at bay.

3. Sometimes you want to present a face that's a little different from your usual one. Natural is great, but try the red or burgandy lipstick you never, ever wear, or go stronger with eye shadow. Remember, cosmetics are fashion . . . as well as a way to camouflage flaws, play up your best features.

4. If you want to feel really luxurious-and smell heavenly- layer fragrance . . . in this order: bath oil, dusting powder, body lotion. Keep spritzer in your purse for touch-ups later.

5. Use alpha-hydroxy-acid products they really do repair skin damage, aren't just hope in a bottle. Results are often apparent after just one use.

6. Make sunscreen your best friend. Don't even think about going out without it. In winter, a moisturizer or makeup that contains sunscreen is adequate, but in summer, go for straight SPF.

7. Wearing sunglasses really will keep eyes looking younger. Invest in a pair you'll love to put on . . . carry them everywhere.

8. Always use conditioner. Your hair needs it. If locks tend to get greasy, apply from ears down only.

9. Do pluck your brows. May seem like torture, but nothing makes you look less modern than messy brows. Also, the right arch can reshape your whole face. Have a professional do them the first time - not expensive - then follow lines. The idea isn't to go ultra-thin (too trendy), just neat and shapely.

10. Do twenty push-ups a day - two sets of ten. They'll make a big difference in how your chest, arms look.

11. Be sure to moisturize neck and decolletage- skin here gets crepey and old looking before other parts of the body. Apply creamy lotion in upward motion. When wearing lowcut tops or bathing suits, protect area with sunscreen.

12. Cosmetic companies have made many advances in the fight against cellulite. (Yes, this is a skin problem.) Give the new thigh creams a whirl - they act like an invisible girdle. Use religiously, at least once a day, and see what happens.

13. Keep moisturizer in the shower. Hot spray warms it up, which aids penetration. Also prevents that icy, straight out of the bottle feel.

14. Never use blow-dryer on dry hair. This is what causes damage, not the implement itself.

15. Set mane with curlers for a change. You don't have to use a ton-try pulling hair into high pony, rolling length around huge roller. Or set just front section with three or four rollers.

16. Use a lip liner to outline mouth. If you're a bit unsteady, stick with basic nude, no matter what color you're wearing. Acts as an invisible border to prevent feathering.

17. Old-fashioned trick that really works - douse a cotton ball with favorite scent and stick in bra. Keeps aroma going, makes you smell delicious.

18. A bit of medium-brown eye shadow applied right in crease gives eyes more deep-set, sexy look. Simple to do.

19. Self tanners are miracle products. They create an instant allover "lift," are perfectly safe. Try one that contains fruit acids for ultraglorious, even color. These tanners work wonders to hide stretch marks, by the way (the cast of Baywatch swears by them!)

20. Treat yourself to a night of beauty at least every other week. Stay home and apply mask, deep conditioner . . . soak in a yummy-scented tub while products work.

21. Hand wash lingerie in fragranced cleanser. Some cosmetic companies make special products for this purpose, but your favorite shower gel works nicely too.

22. Give yourself regular manicures - beautiful nails spell good grooming. A neutral tone is best for the office; choose one with a bit of shimmer for a soft, modern look.

23. The pedicure used to be a luxury; now it's a must. Invest in one bimonthly, or do yourself. Try a pumice sloughing cream to remove calluses. Finish with polish - bright red always works, or experiment with a funkier shade.

24. Never go to a meeting lipstickless. This is an easy way to look professional and polished, even if you wear little else on your face.

25. Soft hands are a fab asset. One way to have them is to apply hand cream each night before bed. Once in a while, you might put on a really heavy coat and sleep in cotton gloves.