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 Consumerism is

the unquestioning acceptance of products, services and ideas that often benefit others yet provide one with only a residue of things that in the end, lead to financial weakness, family disharmony and a weakened nation.

America is a country of tremendous resources, wealth and intellectual vigor. The benefits of these attributes are often sapped and diverted to the interests of others. The people that do the real work and the majority of the taxepayers are not seeing the fruit of their labors. In many cases they are being disenfranchised and are enjoying less and less of what should rightfully be theirs. Their future and that of their children is disintegrating. They often do it to themselves unwittingly through the actions that they take in response to advertising and what the mass media teaches them to do and believe. We offer some alternatives that are positive and that strengthen peoples' economic interactions.

More and more energy, time and effort is being expended on useless non-productive things as a result of consumerism.  


What you bought yesterday is garbage...

Today you'll borrow to buy something new...

Tomorrow you'll repay with interest...

Today's New that is tomorrow's due.



Free Citizens of the republic

to consumers in the globally competitive marketplace.

The plan for you: keep on borrowing money and working to pay the interest-In the name of the the nation, the state, the municipality and of course...
your all important Personal Consumption Habits
If you can't pay, the bankers will take whatever you own. This applies to families, small businesses and even entire nations.

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How has consumerism affected us?

 Let us count the ways...

America, already the world's largest international debtor, sees international trade deficits soar to new records and domestic debt ratios of household, business and financial sectors attain record highs,while personal savings plunge to record lows.

Yeah but what about all that wonderful new stuff we have to play with?

Are you happier and more secure than you were last year or your parents were a generation ago? Are you working longer and harder to live the same or are you going backwards? Is there a price to pay for all that stuff and the energy to make it and the politics to keep that energy flowing to our shores?

You know that there is something wrong with the world that we live in or you wouldn't be reading this site. We offer you what we know and share what we are learning from others.

If you act on what is outlined here you not only are making yourself less vulnerable to the forces that are changing our world for the worse but you help to defeat them.


Fake solutions abound. Putting on an American flag pin is not being a patriot.

Getting excited about professional sports is not service to your community.

Buying lots of things is not strengthening the economy


The goal of this website:


To offer a place to learn about, develop, share and teach others ways to improve ones own life and community through self-enlightened and purposefully directed commercial transactions and lifestyle choices that do good for everybody that counts.

an example: All the small shops in a community are threatened by the arrival of a huge mega store that will destroy many jobs and community coherence. If enough people boycott the large store and support the community businesses, than perhaps the mega store can become something truly useful such as a community meeting hall or a flea market. Thus, instead of sucking profits and money out of the community, outside speculative money will have enriched the community.

Another example: A couple opts for installing a rebuilt engine and transmission in their old car instead of buying a new one. They use the savings to pay off credit cards, take a vacation and work fewer hours.

 another example: A student sets out to learn to do something useful like planting trees or growing food or carpentry in addition to regular studies.


Globally competitive marketplace?

Live better through local cooperation.

 Change starts with you.


"Your site is deeper than most and doesn't point fingers but simply explains the choices. " 



In 1998, Dick Cheney, then chief executive of Halliburton oil services company, remarked, "I cannot think of a time when we have had a region emerge as suddenly to become as strategically significant as the Caspian." But the oil and gas there is worthless until it is moved. The only pipeline route which makes both political and economic sense is through Afghanistan."

They can't wait for this day. Especially since we'll have no alternatives but to pay and pay and pay...



This is the thumbnail version of our site's purpose. The real thing is HERE