These are resources that allow you to get involved in the betterment of our communities and our nation. Learning about these things and then taking actions appropriate to our personal situation is a effective means of changing the world for the better.

Order of subjects on this page:
  • Zero Population Growth.
  • Avoiding pesticide and chemical pollution in your environment and products you consume.
  • planning and building sustainable communities and stopping the hideous before it's built.
  • How your federal tax dollars are actually being spent.
  • Corporate Watch.
  • Environmental Working Group.
  • Solar energy and associated educational material plus hands on applications.
  • permaculture & regenerative agriculture sites.
  • How advertisers capitalize on and commoditize you.
  • The High Cost of the War on Drugs.
  • kill your TV.
  • Fighting and hurting Junk E-Mailers
  • Alternatives to the automobile; mass transit links.
  • Your Economic "Dollar Vote" and how it sometimes supports the wrong people.
  • Enough! Anticonsumerism campaign (U.K.)
  • Material appropriate to sustainability of society.
  • Teacher's resources.
  • Mad Cow Website.
  • Books on Sustainability and controlling your personal environment,
      Philosophy and History, Work and the Economy.
  • Magazines.
  • Non-print Resources.
  • Movements.

Educating oneself as to the nature of the threat to the environment and our personal health can be a challenge because there is so much to learn and there are so many different solutions offered. The following sites are clearly articulated so that one can both learn and then take action. 

Population Connection. (formerly Zero Population Growth)

THE ISSUE OF ALL ISSUES. What good is using less if the world population is growing exponentially and thereby threatening everything?

Arithmetic, Population and Energy: Dr. Albert Bartlett


Now that sounds boring doesn't it?

Probably the most important video available to understand sustainability, the environment and the changes you will face.

One cannot call themself an environmentalist or a informed citizen until they have seen this video.



Rachel's Environmental & Health Weekly. A fabulous resource of scientific information written in a coherent, easily understandable language that hits right at the heart of the health and environmental issues confronting not just consumers but all people. References and sources of material given. Read it and learn. It's free. There is no excuse,
(except laziness), for literate people with access to computers and modems to be uninformed about what's happening to the environment and our health.

Available free by E-mail.
All you have to do is type the word SUBSCRIBE in the E-mail message field

Before you subscribe perhaps you would like to check out an incredible library of BACK ISSUES, with search function, available from

The following is the kind of article that makes Rachel's so valuable:

pesticides, breast cancer and endometriosis (Found in the back issues link above).
This is a seminal and thoroughly foot-noted article on new research conclusively establishing links between industrial chemicals and the breakdown of human and animal health. If you've ever wondered why one should go Organic, this is THE article to convince you or skeptics that you care about.


It's in your self interest

to learn about these things.

So just what's in the non-organic food that you're eating? This link shows you what is there and its effects on you. If you don't care about yourself at least check out the bad things that you are feeding to your kids.

Combination of Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's Disease:

Learn how to avoid this fate in your old age.



Enter your zip code-hit go.
It works!

You can research the health affects of any pesticide used in your work place or around your home using the

Pesticide Information Service (PESTIS) Database

And now...Here's how corporate America is going to make it illegal to trade seeds of any kind, or even grow native plants on your own land: Patented plants will be exempt from this. Think we're kidding? Welcome to the nightmare world of the "approved plant list". http://www.geocities.com/nowhitelist/index.html


Environmental Working Group

Community self-defense against pollution that affects your health.

The next site discusses the actors in the drama that is involuntarily being played out in every cell of your body.
Care to read the program? This is a description of several of the largest chemical producing companies, the health and environmental damage from their products and the brand names where these chemicals are found as well as resources to boycott their other merchandise,
or rush out and buy lots of it if you so choose; hey, we're interested in being good citizens just like George the Second says we should be....


Monsanto is desperately trying to improve its image. Read about this company and its products in Revolt Against the Empire above then appraise for yourself their home pages, an excellent example of

 Here's an example of the real kind of thing Monsanto has done for the environment in rural Missouri.
And now, in the latest gambit to convince the world that they are really just nice plain-old down-home overall wearin' folks, Monsanto unveils...

Drum Roll Please...."The Monsanto Pledge"

Energy: We're fighting a war to guarantee the supply of cheap oil. You or someone you love may die in that war. Is it worth it to drive everywhere and consume copious amounts of energy because there are so few alternatives to do so where you live? 

The ultimate tragedy of this is that the oil is not going to be as abundant no matter what happens in the new oil war. Read about the future of energy availability at this well written and excellent scientific website.

Peak Oil Overview - 2007


The Heart of The Matter-Colin Campbell

much longer and detailed backgrounder on oil depletion


At the same time the Powers That Be want to deindustrialize America,

destroy investment in the public realm and export middle class jobs

as part of their model: In The Grip Of A Permanent War Economy by Seymour Melman

Ted Trainer's outstanding researcher series on
why building true sustainability is

Warning: This Australian site can take hours to read. Industrial civilization and the future will never look the same to you. Read it and you will see how the resources on our site can help individuals and communities to avoid some of these problems.
(We find using our "Edit"-"select all" function makes his pages easier to read.)



Planner's Web is a site that allows you to learn about the positive changes happening in our communities at the town planning level. Fabulous links to the history of American small towns, their demise and their resurrection.

Home From Nowhere An incredible illustrative essay that defines how zoning and sprawl has ruined our towns and cities and what can be done to restore them.

Beyond Sprawl: New Patterns of Growth to Fit the New California An alliance of environmental groups and Bank of America are doing something to stop sprawl.
Another example of the growing awareness that Non-Sustainability = Economic Suicide.

Fabulous articles about rebuilding communities in a progressive manner from

In Context Magazine

A very nice and informative essay on why small businesses promote community and the mechanics of how they're being destroyed. We learned a lot from this.

Trouble on Main Street When Local Stores Go, What Goes With Them?


National Priorities Project "is a community education, research and training organization that for 16 years has dedicated itself to making our nation's budget priorities something ordinary citizens can understand and shape. We are the source that citizen groups, progressive elected officials, the media and policy analysts turn to find out the real, local impacts of federal policies. We have an extensive data base of state and local information, and have worked with many national organizations and hundreds of local citizen groups to produce state and local impact reports. These reports particularly illustrate the trade-off between excessive military spending and tax breaks for the very wealthy, and resultant cuts to community-based programs."

Straight from Eisenhower's mouth:
"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.""The Chance for Peace" Address April 16. 1953

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex." Farewell Address. Radio and TV January 17. 1961

The Solar Utilities Network: This is a fabulous source to learn about electricity, lighting and Solar through lucid text, wonderful graphics and well designed Energy Audits that allow one to do an easy measuring of their energy usage and then take steps to seriously reduce it.

Solar Energy: It's Nothing New, and It's Here to Stay A wonderful essay on the practical history of Solar Energy and easy ways to use it from Countryside Magazine.

Once you've learned about it, how about putting it to practice? Home Power's RENEWABLE ENERGY ELECTRONIC SITES

How to Create a Solar Economy in Four Years
by Denis Hayes. From the Earth Island Journal.

SMUD: The most progressive municipally owned utility district in America. They voted to shut down a nuke and made a solar park generating electricity out of it. Is there some reason why your utility can't be this progressive?

The Organic Consumers Association is a non-profit, public interest organization dedicated to building a healthy, safe, and sustainable system of food production and consumption in the US and the world. It helps build a national and international consumer/farmer/labor/progressive retailer boycott of genetically engineered and chemically contaminated foods and crops.
INTERGARDEN an incredibly through and well constructed set of links to

Shaping, measuring and directing the consumer's mind.

Advertising Glossary: learn all the terms to describe how they can get to you or your children.

American Demographics magazine
Read some of these teasers for industry articles to get a feel for how they look at you. Guess what?
YOU are the commodity that is for sale by media to advertisers! Read it and bleat.

The physical effect of TV on the brain.

Don't let your School District sell your children's brains to advertisers. Curbing public space advertising.

Run away from anyone who says this to you:

"Want to meet some really special people who will show you how easy it is to get rich...?"
How commercialism and parasitizing your friends and family can make someone else rich. An excellent article on
What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

Shaking the Money Tree From Amway to Equinox...

"We speak of a plague that consumes an estimated $75 billion per year of public money, exacts an estimated $70 billion a year from consumers, is responsible for nearly 50 per cent of the million Americans who are today in jail, occupies an estimated 50 per cent of the trial time of our judiciary, and takes the time of 400,000 policemen -- yet a plague for which no cure is at hand, nor in prospect." (Written by that hippie socialist William F. Buckley)

Exquisitely well written series on why the War On Drugs is Lost.


Cripple advertisers that fill your E-mail box with junk.
Simple, clear instructions to find our just who sent that stuff
to you and how to get them kicked off their ISP


tip: Sick of junk mail? Just stuff all of their ads, the magnetic-'you're name here" credit card, the envelope addressed to you back into their postage paid envelope. Fold it so that's it's 'chunky' or fat. It'll cost them .91 cents in postage.

Your Economic Influence on Politics and the Economy A graphics-free site packed with very diverse resources.

M$ fish eating up all the little companiesDon't Be Soft On Microsoft!

Corporate Watch Info
has serious links for researching and tracking corporate malfactors.

TAMING THE GIANTS Fine essay by David Korten on the specififc effects of corporate control on local political and economic progress

Alternatives to the automobile.

Read the review of The End of Oil 14 links below this, and then learn about how your community can prepare for high energy prices while making life better for all except car dealers, oil companies and the Road Gang.

What we once had:
The conspiracy to destroy America's streetcar systems

Monopoly of U.S. Ground Transport by the "Big 3" An excellent and informative history.

A longer heavier commentary by Chomsky with the
streetcar part several paragraphs down from the top

Seattle has a real transit agency; check it out

Transit Action Coalition
Just about every resource you could want to implement community-friendly transit.

The full costs of the car
financial studies that provide undisputable ammunition for transit proponents.

Rails to trails Converting abandoned railroad tracks to community resources.


This is a promising new technology that bears watching:

Imagercise While the commercialization of it may appear to be just that, the underlying technology is very interesting.

Instruments for change A good list of more academic books having to do with sustainable development.

A review of BEYOND OIL: The Threat to Food and Fuel in the Coming Decades.

Spending Our Great Inheritance -- Then What? During 500 million years, geological processes accumulated a rich bank account for us -- oil ""

What's Wrong with Gross Domestic Product Measurement?


11 Rules of Corporate Behavior. (Forward by Paul Hawken)

Some Teachers' and Scholarly Researcher's Resources:

The Environmental Working Group Environmental contamination resources.

What is Sustainable Agriculture? Nice overview from the University of California

K-12 Curriculum Resources for Botany

We have a large page dedicated to organic gardening.

Population And The Environment: A Bibliography All text. No links from this list.

A report by the National Academy of Sciences
National Academy of Engineering
Institute of Medicine
National Research Council

Mad Cow Website The cattle breeder's billions can't cover up this growing threat to our health;
vegetarians are not always exempt.

BOOKS (with ample illustrative quotes) & MAGAZINE section now has its OWN PAGE.


Ithaca hours home page In Ithaca N.Y., people have the option of being paid for their labor or products in "Ithaca Hours" worth one hour's average wage of $10 per hour. This is a spendable local currency that at least 1,200 merchants and individuals accept; the ultimate in keeping money in the community. For a starter kit for your community or more information write to: Ithaca Money, Box 6578, Ithaca, NY 14851.

Business exchanges. The ultimate use of microprocessors to fight consumerism and help the environment. It works like an automated electronic classified section. Businesses with surplus merchandise, fixtures, and raw material to sell or trade or that being sought are linked to each other. There's no reason that this can't be used by individuals, for example, all the men that wear size 42 jackets in an area could be linked together with those who want to trade or sell or buy size 42 garments. Start your own electronic exchange. There are a few out there but we haven't found one yet that exists as a true community service without some profit motive in action except for Building Resources in San Francisco.

ready to get serious about anti-consumerism?
Radical Anti-Consumerism

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